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A Cruise to the Western Caribbean

It has been a while since we investigated a cruise getaway. This year a cruise to the Western Caribbean was the getaway of choice. Rather than start at the whole beginning of the trip I will move forward the arriving at the cruise line with great expectations of a relaxing vacation. The inevitable line to get to a counter and tickets was compounded by being served by someone who must have been in his 80's. It came as little surprise that he has computer "issues" and there went over an hour of my life waiting got something that the people around us appeared to get resolved in 10 minutes. Oh well, smile and continue. There were different choices than our last cruise as regarding moving ones bags. The cruise line allowed us to take our bags with us rather than leave them at the curb and hope and pray they arrived at our cabin eventually. We took this choice naturally and indeed appeared to be the quickest way to get unpacked and ready to enjoy.

The last few cruises appeared to indicate that if one was a gambler then by far the best time to have the best time of gaining ground on the slot machines was the first night. On our last cruise one could here bells ringing all over and the jingle of dollar coins flying out of the machines like machine guns being fired around the casino. This time it all seemed quite quiet. One could almost hear the cards clicking on the tables. Ok, let's see if the system still works. Looking at the variety of slot machines I noticed to my horror they had all been updated. I couldn't find one with a way to hold lines while the others rotated. In short all reels appeared to run together. No talent could be used to gain an advantage. This was a war whereby the opposition (the darned machine) would pay "when it decided" rather than allow me a chance of inputting a potential personal advantage. The choices ultimately were only the amount I would be able to bet or in my case lose. Decision made to not return more

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